World of Dreams Tour

As Samuel L Jackson said in Jurassic Park, ” HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS,” Disney just announced another tour that will knock your socks off. This brand new top-of-the-line V.I.P. tour called the “World of Dreams” tour will be a Disney Fanatics Dream, and it will come at a price. Disney does offer other tours that you can partake in, but, this tour by far outdoes all the others. Disney World to some is a trip worth going all out for, getting the best of the best and staying at the most exclusive resorts. If this is your style then this exclusive new V.I.P tour is for you! You may ask yourself what does a tour of this magnitude cost? Well ladies and gentleman here it is.

Cost: $12,000 for the first day, $10,000 for additional days
Time: Anywhere from 1-12 hours on a fully customizable tour

Now what does a $12,000 dollar tour get you, you may ask? Here are some of the details that this tour will include:

Cinderella Castle Suite Tour

Exclusive nighttime spectacular views (Japan Pagoda for Illuminations, etc)

3 meals and most alcoholic beverages

Front-of-the-line ride access

Two VIP tour guides per group

Backstage transportation between parks

And other benefits that aren’t listed.

So, basically for the money, Disney is open to, within reason, doing whatever you and your group would like to do. For example If you want to go to Animal Kingdom and see the animals on a private tour, they will transport you to the park and give you exclusive access to everything Animal Kingdom has to offer. I can see this tour being extremely popular when Star Wars Land opens or during the 50th anniversary when all the new attractions will be open.Some may think that this is a crazy amount of money for a tour of Disney World that you can only do in one day. But if you get a group of people, friends or family that are willing to split the costs for this once and a lifetime experience then go for it! If you would like to do this tour, as I would, contact us at Castle Vacations today and we’ll take care of it for you!