Will Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party return in 2021?

Will Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party return in 2021?

We’ve been getting this question A LOT lately… 

So.. Will Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Return in 2021?..

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party debued in 1995 as a single day event and had grown into a seasonal, multiple dates event. The kickoff to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was as early as the second week of August in 2019! 

What made this event special for party-goers??…

  • Limited park attendance
    • When the clock strikes six…Everyone who didn’t have a special ticket had to leave!
    • For many guests, the limited event tickets were a worthy incentive alone! Low wait times on rides made it possible to experience several attractions in a few short hours.  
  • Rare character meets
    • This was one of the only places to encounter villians and extremely rare costumed characters. 
    • Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, 
  • Exclusive snacks
    • Speciality themed snacks and beverages were found all over the park in a decadent, sugary scavenger hunt to taste them all! 
  • Uniquely themed parade
    • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party brought everyone to Main Street USA to see our favorite characters dressed in their Halloween finest, as well as villians enjoying the night! The residents of the Haunted Mansion even made their way out for the “Boo to You Parade.” 
  • Special Fireworks presentation
    • There’s not fireworks quite like Disney Fireworks. Along with a party specific soundtrack guests were swept away by crisp woodwind notes that *almost* made you forget it was still 90 degrees in Orlando. 
  • Trick or Treat stops
    • So. Much. Candy. For guests that partook in trick or treating at several stops within the Magic Kingdom there was never any candy shortage. Some guests reported 3-6 pounds of candy, per person were distributed! (The trick was getting it home without it melting!… like packing a cooler in your stroller..*save that tip!)…
  • Fun costumes!
    • This was the ONLY time that adults were permitted to wear full costumes to the Magic Kingdom. 
    • From individuals (dressed up babies!!!), to couples (so many cute Disney couples!) to family and group costumes (ALLLLL *The Incredbile* families!)
    • Bridgerton ballgowns have nothing on the crafty and creative costumes that Mickey’s Not So Scary Party attendees could imagine! 


What do we predict? 

The only one who really knows if special events will return in 2021 is the Mouse himself (and maybe a few select humans in his circle of trust). Disney has not released any information as of yet as to what their 50th Anniversary may look, which is deep in the heart of “Halloween” in the Magic Kingdom… 

As Disney World is learning how to maintain the magic while keeping guests and cast members safe… what COULD a socially distant special event look like?…

  • Great costumes…with masks?… this would really be a place where if we do have to mask through 2021 some really fun costumes could be crafted up! With some of the creativity we’ve seen with printed masks; the possibilities are endless! 
  • No more trick or treating. (sigh)… but, maybe a pre-packaged “swag bag” of treats and specialty items can be collected on your way out of the park?… 
  • Socially distanced characters. We think this one is here to stay for awhile…but, it’s not a deal breaker! Character Cavalcades and seeing characters in pop up locations have been getting great reviews from theme park attendees. 
  • We think fireworks will return. There’s no other company that can time fireworks to pull at your emotional fibers like Disney can. We think they will be back within the year. 
  • Extremely limited event tickets. These events could be truly VIP events, and the pricetag will likely reflect the exclusivity. 

What is your prediction for 2021?

Do you think we will return to normal? Keep up with social distancing? 

Share your predictions in the comments! 

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Bring hotel luxury home for the Holidays!

Bring hotel luxury home for the Holidays!

In these crazy times, it’s easy to miss the luxury and pampering found in a hotel setting. The ability to relax and unwind is a click away with some of these great finds just in time for the holidays! Treat yourself, or a guest to this simple hotel inspired items.


Cozy robes are the kick off to welcoming you to relaxing and enjoying your luxury vacation.


Light slippers keep your feet warm and clean! They will also be a great welcoming gift for a holiday guest.


There are few things to compete with the feeling of sleeping on luxurious sheets in a deluxe hotel. Treat yourself or a guest to a great nights sleep!

This green clover and aloe scented gift set will invoke memories of some of your favorite Disney World Hotels!


Who needs room service?! Order up this delightful continental breakfast bar delivered right to your door!


Stock your “mini bar” with gourmet treats and snacks to feel extra pampered at home!

Matty K Travel Group Home to Castle Vacations Receives Coveted Silver EarMarked Status

Disney's Silver EarMarked Status Awarded

Castle Vacations Receives the Silver EarMarked Status Award

The Matty K Travel Group based in Wantagh, NY which is home to Castle Vacations is proud to announce that they have received the coveted Silver Earmarked Status from The Walt Disney Travel Company. 

In a year that has been filled with so much uncertainty in travel, Matty K Travel, especially the team from Castle Vacations has overcome adversity and strived to provide incredible top notch concierge service to their clients.

Among the requirements to receive Earmarked Status, Travel Advisors must complete Disney’s College of Knowledge as well as the yearly updates put out by Disney.

Disney sets specific sales goals for each Earmarked Tier and in a year filled with cancellations and rebooks, to hit Silver Status is just an incredible accomplishment mentioned Matthew Kondrup, President and Owner of The Matty K Travel Group

When asked how the team was able to accomplish this in 2020 Amanda Beckett, Vice President of Castle Vacations had this to say. ” This award and recognition is a true testament to the dedication and love that our Advisors have for not just for Disney but to our clients, the travel industry and to our company as a whole.”

 We continue to have clients travel to Walt Disney World in Florida and hope to see Disney Land reopen soon as well as Disney Cruise Line start sailing again.

Until then our team of dedicated Travel Advisors have been busy helping clients adapt to the current travel restrictions in Disney World and for those who would rather wait, we are busy booking them to other destinations such as Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Most importantly, the entire team would like to recognize our amazing clients who continue to support us and entrust us with their vacations, whether it is to Disney or beyond.

The team from Castle Vacations can be reached via all social media channels as well as by phone at 516-262-4955

Bring hotel luxury home for the Holidays!

Bring hotel luxury home for the Holidays!

In these crazy times, it's easy to miss the luxury and pampering found in a hotel setting. The ability to relax and unwind is a click away with some of these great finds just in time for the holidays! Treat yourself, or a guest to this simple hotel inspired items....

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10 Reasons we LOVE Hard Rock Riviera Maya!

10 Reasons we LOVE Hard Rock Riviera Maya!

We just returned from one of our FAVORITE All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico- The Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya. We traveled with 5 kids; ranging in age from 2-8, plus grandparents. This resort offered family friendly activities for all ages!

Find out why we think this is an absolutely fabulous resort for a great family vacation and all the reasons we love the Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort! 


  1. The pool is amazing!!

Between the water slide, the fountain features, sun decks and alcoves – the Float pool has a spot for everyone in your family.

The Children’s pool and splash park was also a lot of fun for our wild crew! 



We think that it’s pretty unique and awesome that even those of us with transparent family members (like my husband *cough*) can enjoy a full day outdoors without the dreaded, vacation ruining sunburn. We really liked the sun sails over the alcove pools we mentioned above. Plus, there is plenty of shade offered around the pool with umbrellas and tiki style covers.

3. The Food.

Just to reiterate – ALL the food is included. You see two things on the menu that sound good- order both! Hard Rock, Riviera Maya is home to specialty restaurants, Frida (traditional Mexican fare), Zen (hibachi style and Japanese fare), Ipanema (classic steakhouse) and the Market (varying menu and historic buffet). You can also find light fare all day at Pizzetto and the Sun Bar. You can also find adults only dining at the Heaven side of the resort.

If you have ever had to prepare a meal for 1 kid; you know the struggle is real. 5 varying palates, plus a vegetarian and a diabetic – the food was consistently excellent and the staff was eager to make sure everyone left with a full tummy….(with a tiny spot left for some ice cream)…

4. About that ice cream…The Cafetto offers gourmet coffees and delicious treats all day long! It was definitely a frequent stop for our crew! They loved stopping in for an ice cream or piece of cake a few times a day. (It’s vacation!)

5. The drinks! All Inclusive means ALL included- the food and the drinks!

Hard Rock Riviera Maya has the best Margaritas in Mexico!

6. Rockaway Bay, Waterpark

When you’re ready for a change of scenery from the beach and pool, this was another great spot for kids to burn off vacation energy! We really liked visiting here in that crazy time between lunch and dinner.

7. Woodward.

For those who have athletic children – Woodward is the absolute perfect place for them! World class instructors help your children learn or improve extreme sporting skills from skating, biking and gymnastics. There is a fee to use the facility, but, minimal. 

8. The Beach!

The family beach is divided into 2 sections; Maracas Beach (a cove), and the Hacienda Beach. We love this beach because the seawall not only protects your children (and your beverage of choice) from waves – it also keeps the Sargasso Sea Grass from piling up along that soft white sand! While the beach isn’t huge, we found it to be the perfect size for the children to explore. They all really enjoyed snorkeling and observing a variety of sea life.

9. The live entertainment!

The Hard Rock name is synonymous with great entertainment!

Nightly events, poolside concerts and soloists in dining locations immersed us in the rocker lifestyle!


10. Cool props everywhere!

We loved seeing all of the costumes, instruments and artifacts from our favorite entertainers!

The hospitality at this resort is incredible. We absolutely love the family-friendly vibe at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. It’s cozy and welcoming. Children are free to be children without judgement.

We can’t wait to visit again!

Ready to plan your family getaway? Get started here with a no obligation quote!

How can a Travel Advisor help with group travel?

How can a Travel Advisor help with group travel?

Have you been talking about and contemplating a big family or friends vacation for years and you are finally ready to take the plunge? Your first call should be to your trusted Travel Advisor to make sure your trip is smooth sailing!

Who can benefit from using a Travel Advisor for a big (or small) group? EVERYONE! Our clients are multigenerational families, friends traveling with each other- both as adults and families, sports groups, family reunions, religious retreats and more! Any group of people looking to travel together can benefit from using a Travel Advisor.

How Can a Travel Advisory help with group travel?

1. We can help secure the best deals to save you time and money! We work with vendors all over the world and build strong professional relationships. We can work with these vendors to make sure your group is not overpaying, and also negotiate upgrades, additional amenities, onboard/resort credits and private group activities.

2. We keep track of payment schedules.

It is an inevitable part of group travel- Money will cause issues – budgets vary, people get busy… tracking down a member of your party that is “ghosting” you when a payment is due can be extremely stressful! Your Travel Advisor is the one to step in and track down the rogue party member and mitigate any financial situations that arise.

3. We can streamline the planning process.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and opinions the group is coming up with for travel? We can streamline choices best suited for your group. Our first hand knowledge and past group experiences help make us experts as to the best destinations and travel experiences to suit your groups unique needs.

Does everyone want to be near each other? Did you know you can’t make changes to a room booked by another person? Do you know who can?… Your Travel Advisor. We can play “room tetris” with suppliers to get everyone near each other (or far away… we can always say “there wasn’t any availability next to grandma’s cabin.. the only cabin available was 3 floors away”…**Your secret is safe with us!).

A Travel Advisor will also map out important dates, payment due dates, airline tickets, transfers and help make sure the whole group has the proper documentation for travel.

4. Excursions may vary

Does everyone have a different idea of “fun”… maybe some of the group wants to lay in a hammock in the sun, and the others want to test their bone density on a thrilling adventure. We can help make sure everyone has a great time with suggestions and mediation to plan time together, and time apart.

5. Planning group travel is STRESSFUL.

When dealing with different personalities, finances, expectations and overall communication with multiple people- it can become VERY stressful for the novice planner. Your Travel Advisor is a non-partial advocate for the WHOLE group- not any individual (unless it’s a wedding group- then, we are team couple). We will not be strong-armed by your sister Karen – who insists everyone MUST attend Island Basket Weaving, when everyone else wants to drink rum in the sun… Your brother Mark – who calls with the “best idea ever…” we can shut him down too. When your mom calls to try to re-arrange the whole trip 3-days before you leave- we can cool her jets too.

A Travel Advisor can help save your group time, money, stress and ensure that your vacation is full of happy memories!

Contact us today at 516-366-9008 or info@castlevacations.net to plan your next great adventure!