By Robert Memory 1/4/2019

As many regular guest to Walt Disney World know there is a large number of guest that use Electronic Convenience Vehicles, or ECVs, to get around the Walt Disney World (WDW) property for medical reasons. WDW makes the use of ECVs easy and convenient for guests.  Unfortunately, in many other ways it can also be very inconvenient for both the ECV user and other guests in WDW to get around and enjoy the Disney experience.  In this article I will review the pros and cons of using an ECV both as a user and as a non-using guest. The article will provide some tip and advice for the operator and non-operators of the ECV to improve their park experience. It will also include the names of the companies that are featured ECV providers, along with reviews and experiences with some of these companies.
When initially considering renting an ECV during your visit to WDW, first do your research prior to renting. WDW has a few ECVs if they are the provider that you are wanting to rent from. Each of these providers offer different brands and services, so as mentioned before do your research. Most of the current providers that WDW recommend make online reservations so you never have to talk to an agent, unless you have a problem with the ECV. They will ask your weight; this helps them determine the type of ECV you will need. The most important question they will ask is what time you will be arriving so that they can have the EVC ready prior to your arrival to the resort. Most of the providers offer Pride Mobility ECV as they are one of the best in the industry. To make sure the provider has the proper equipment, they recommend making the reservations about a month prior to your visit. When you make your reservation they will request full payment at that time.
When you arrive at your WDW resort, the ECV should already be delivered if you have made prior reservations. When you arrive, go to bell services to receive the ECV that you have rented. This cast member will need to see your identification and have you sign for the ECV. Once you receive your ECV, you should do a complete inspection of the ECV to see if there are any damages. If there are any damages, take pictures and report them to the provider immediately. The provider might request you to email a picture of the damage to them so that you are not held responsible for the damage.  Provided with the ECV will be a plastic bag, that is used to cover the electrical portion of the ECV in case it rains. You will be responsible for the ECV the entire time you have it, so treat it like you own it.

One of the most positive experiences about operating an ECV is the convenience and freedom you feel being able to visit and enjoy the theme parks and Disney Springs. WDW transportation has also made it convenient for guest operating an ECV to enjoy their transportation system like other guests. They have specially designed buses that open to load the ECV onto the bus. Along with the buses, you are able to travel on most of the water transits.

Finally, we have one of the most heated issues with using a ECV. There have been incidents such as entire families with one family member having an ECV, trying to board the bus with the ECV operator. In my opinion, they should only allow one member of the family to board with them. While I am a guest at Walt Disney World and I am operating a ECV I will not carry any bags with me so I am able to use the no bag lines at the parks. There is also a number of ECV users that will try to speed by everyone which is disruptive, disrespectful, and unsafe for others around them.
Using Disney Transportation can be a hassle for some ECV users., Unfortunately these operators feel invisible at some of the bus stops. There have been many times that an ECV operator will be waiting at a bus stop and the bus will not recognize that the ECV operator is there. WDW has recognized this problem, so at each of the bus stops on Walt Disney World property, they have painted a square for the EVC operator to park and wait for a bus. These changes have made it so the driver of the bus can see the operator. During the popular times of year to visit Walt Disney World, an ECV operator might have to wait for another bus due to space for the ECV. While in parks some ECV operators feel invisible to other guests, these guests will stop in middle of a walking area and you have to avoid them at all cost.
There are many attractions and shows at WDW that the operator can attend while operating an ECV. There will be other attractions that you will have to transfer from the ECV to a wheelchair, and there is some attraction that’s you would have to stand and wait in the line for. Overall ECV are always going to be in the parks and resorts, all parties have to work together to make the experience enjoyable
Castle Vacations Team Members are well versed in the usage and rentals of ECV’s. We are able to help book and secure a rental on your behalf. Feel free to reach out to your local Castle Vacations Team Member or call our main office at 516.262.4955