We see this question posted to Disney fan groups daily. We cringe, we get the popcorn and we watch the sparks fly… EVERYONE has a passionate opinion on this topic. One thing to keep in mind, the only opinion that matters… is yours as the vacationer. 

When is a baby too young to go to Disney World?…. Never. And no one is ever too old to go either. (Can you imagine the keyboard posse responding to a message posting “Thinking of taking my 92-year old grandpa to Disney for the first time… he won’t remember it, is it worth it?” – I would have a few choice words for that person!)  

There are a few things to think about when traveling with an infant….

1. Dining locations
Many dining locations will not allow a stroller in, especially table service locations. There are limited numbers of, if any infant high chairs. Without preparation; you’ll be playing “pass the baby” all through a meal. Either use the infant bucket seat, or make sure you have a babywearing apparatus to free up your hands, (which leads us into tip #3)…OOHHH!! and when making a dining reservation be sure to count in an infant or person under 3…even though they are a “freebie” they still count at a table.

2. Keep them cool
Stroller fans and wet washcloths packed in a ziplock baggie for a quick wipe, disposable ice packs and having a plan of escape at each park is key. Each park also has a Babycare Center where you can purchase forgotten items, formula and more. Invest in a good umbrella that will clip onto your stroller too, this helps keep mom and dad cool as well.

3. Feedings on the go
At each Babycare Center, there is a private nursing area – you can also pump in this location – there are outlets for your pump. You can also mix formula or reheat frozen milk here. Unfortunately, there is only ONE Babycare Center per park, and it can be inconvenient to leave your entire family at one end of the park to simply go feed your baby…
         2B. @@ Feed your baby wherever and whenever your baby is hungry. Any ride without a height restriction will work for a feeding session, any bench in the shade will do, or find a seat in one of the quick service dining locations. The Carousel of Progress is my personal favorite nip and nap site – you’ll find yours too!! Leave the cover at home – it’s hot. If you really need one- just grab one of those light and breezy muslin blankets.
        2C. Florida tap water tastes gross to those who have not acquired a taste for it. If you have a baby old enough to use tap water in a formula mix (if you use tap water to mix formula, I won’t turn you into the Momfia) plan to bring or buy bottled water to mix formula.

3. Bring a babywearing apparatus
 Even if you are not a babywearer, you will wish you were. Even for a toddler. It gets really old holding another human in a line for more than a few minutes. Visit your local babywearing group for some great resources, or check out www.babywearinginternational.com  Put one of those disposable ice packs mentioned above between you and your baby to help keep you both comfy in the Florida heat.

4. Don’t leave grandma at home 

If you are traveling with an infant, bring grandma. When you are hot, tired and miserable – Grandma is more than happy to head back to the resort with a crabby baby. She also wants nothing more than to have that little bundle of joy all to herself while mom and dad hit up Jellyrolls or take a quick trip around the world in the EPCOT World Showcase.

5. Take a million pictures and videos
Will your baby remember this trip? NOPE.  But YOU will.

Thinking about heading out to Disney World or another location with your newest family member (or.. running away from said newest member for a weekend?… no judgment here!)… visit us at Castle Vacations homepage.