Disney’s Silver EarMarked Status Awarded

Castle Vacations Receives the Silver EarMarked Status Award

The Matty K Travel Group based in Wantagh, NY which is home to Castle Vacations is proud to announce that they have received the coveted Silver Earmarked Status from The Walt Disney Travel Company.

In a year that has been filled with so much uncertainty in travel, Matty K Travel, especially the team from Castle Vacations has overcome adversity and strived to provide incredible top notch concierge service to their clients.

Among the requirements to receive Earmarked Status, Travel Advisors must complete Disney’s College of Knowledge as well as the yearly updates put out by Disney.

Disney sets specific sales goals for each Earmarked Tier and in a year filled with cancellations and rebooks, to hit Silver Status is just an incredible accomplishment mentioned Matthew Kondrup, President and Owner of The Matty K Travel Group.

When asked how the team was able to accomplish this in 2020 Amanda Beckett, Vice President of Castle Vacations had this to say. ” This award and recognition is a true testament to the dedication and love that our Advisors have for not just for Disney but to our clients, the travel industry and to our company as a whole.”

We continue to have clients travel to Walt Disney World in Florida and hope to see Disney Land reopen soon as well as Disney Cruise Line start sailing again.

Until then our team of dedicated Travel Advisors have been busy helping clients adapt to the current travel restrictions in Disney World and for those who would rather wait, we are busy booking them to other destinations such as Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Most importantly, the entire team would like to recognize our amazing clients who continue to support us and entrust us with their vacations, whether it is to Disney or beyond.

The team from Castle Vacations can be reached via all social media channels as well as by phone at 516-262-4955