Have you been talking about and contemplating a big family or friends vacation for years and you are finally ready to take the plunge? Your first call should be to your trusted Travel Advisor to make sure your trip is smooth sailing!

Who can benefit from using a Travel Advisor for a big (or small) group? EVERYONE! Our clients are multigenerational families, friends traveling with each other- both as adults and families, sports groups, family reunions, religious retreats and more! Any group of people looking to travel together can benefit from using a Travel Advisor.

How Can a Travel Advisory help with group travel?

1. We can help secure the best deals to save you time and money! We work with vendors all over the world and build strong professional relationships. We can work with these vendors to make sure your group is not overpaying, and also negotiate upgrades, additional amenities, onboard/resort credits and private group activities.

2. We keep track of payment schedules.

It is an inevitable part of group travel- Money will cause issues – budgets vary, people get busy… tracking down a member of your party that is “ghosting” you when a payment is due can be extremely stressful! Your Travel Advisor is the one to step in and track down the rogue party member and mitigate any financial situations that arise.

3. We can streamline the planning process.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and opinions the group is coming up with for travel? We can streamline choices best suited for your group. Our first hand knowledge and past group experiences help make us experts as to the best destinations and travel experiences to suit your groups unique needs.

Does everyone want to be near each other? Did you know you can’t make changes to a room booked by another person? Do you know who can?… Your Travel Advisor. We can play “room tetris” with suppliers to get everyone near each other (or far away… we can always say “there wasn’t any availability next to grandma’s cabin.. the only cabin available was 3 floors away”…**Your secret is safe with us!).

A Travel Advisor will also map out important dates, payment due dates, airline tickets, transfers and help make sure the whole group has the proper documentation for travel.

4. Excursions may vary

Does everyone have a different idea of “fun”… maybe some of the group wants to lay in a hammock in the sun, and the others want to test their bone density on a thrilling adventure. We can help make sure everyone has a great time with suggestions and mediation to plan time together, and time apart.

5. Planning group travel is STRESSFUL.

When dealing with different personalities, finances, expectations and overall communication with multiple people- it can become VERY stressful for the novice planner. Your Travel Advisor is a non-partial advocate for the WHOLE group- not any individual (unless it’s a wedding group- then, we are team couple). We will not be strong-armed by your sister Karen – who insists everyone MUST attend Island Basket Weaving, when everyone else wants to drink rum in the sun… Your brother Mark – who calls with the “best idea ever…” we can shut him down too. When your mom calls to try to re-arrange the whole trip 3-days before you leave- we can cool her jets too.

A Travel Advisor can help save your group time, money, stress and ensure that your vacation is full of happy memories!

Contact us today at 516-366-9008 or info@castlevacations.net to plan your next great adventure!

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