Disney World Monorail Self-Guided Bar Crawl
By Michael DeBonis
Walt Disney World is known for being one of the most magical places on earth filled with adventure, thrills, magic and family fun. However, some only think Disney World is a vacation destination made for families and children. Disney World has something for all ages from special excursions, events, recreations, restaurants, nightclubs, attractions and live shows.

A favorite “Adult’s Only” adventure of mine includes riding one of the most world renowned transportation systems at one of the most famous destination in Florida, if not the country. Well, the Monorail loop and the three resorts that are connected to it feature world class restaurants and bars at which signature drinks and food can be found.
Now while some are taking the monorail to the parks, a select few, who are in on this somewhat secret activity, are using it for another purpose. The Self Guided Monorail Bar Crawl. You must be of age in order to partake in this magical adventure which features bars of different styles and themes. If you need some alone time in order to do this journey, Disney’s Contemporary Resort offers a child care center where children can have an exciting night of fun on their own. You can start at any one of the three resorts of your liking to begin the Self Guided Monorail Bar Crawl.

Mizner’s Cooler 
We’ll begin at The Grand Floridian. This is a short stop because there is only one bar that you can really experience without traveling far from the monorail station in the resort. Once at the Grand Floridian head to Mizners which is located on the second floor.  When you get to your first destination, I suggest trying a Mizners cooler. This cocktail is made with St-Germain, Nolet’s Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, soda water, and fresh mint. It’s a very refreshing drink that will get you on your way. There are other drinks you can try here as well – but remember to pace yourself otherwise it will be tough to make it all the way through this journey!

The Seven Seas Lagoon
Next stop, the Contemporary Resort! Upon arriving here, there are 3-bars that you can visit and each have a signature drink that you can try. The Wave on the ground level of the Contemporary, here I suggest you try the “Magical Star” or the “Seven Seas Lagoon”. (The Seven Seas Lagoon is not on the drink menu, but you can ask the bartender for it). Brace yourself; it is a rather large drink – and is best enjoyed by two people. The Magical Star is made with X- fusion Mango and Passion Fruit liqueur, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Pineapple juice and a souvenir multicolored glow cube. Both are very tasty and well worth the visit to The Wave. Once you’ve finished your drinks here, make your way up to the 4th floor to visit The Outer Rim. Here, there are many drinks you can choose from but I suggest you try the Glow-Tini.  A resort favorite, the Glow-Tini is made with SKYY Infusions Citrus Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao and Pineapple Juice. This glowing blue drink draws lots of attention from onlookers! Lastly, make your way to the Californian Grill elevator and ask the check-in desk if there is seating available at the bar or lounge area. Once you arrive to the rooftop bar, you can experience amazing views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom. Most importantly, if you time it right, you can have an amazing view of the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. Try the Twisted Mai Tai which features Mount Gray Rum, Crème de Noyaux, Orange Juice and Pineapple juice with a splash of lime. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views! When you are ready to move on, head back down to the Contemporary’s monorail station and catch the transport to your next and final resort.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto
The Polynesian Resort offers some amazing drink selections that are a must try. Once you arrive, head to the Tambu Lounge. Seating is limited because it is located outside of O’hana, but here you can try 2-signature drinks if you’re up to it. The Back Scratcher and the Lapu Lapu are very popular to all those who stay at the Polynesian Resort. The Lapu Lapu is a hollowed out pineapple  filled with Myers’s Original Dark Rum and tropical fruit juices, topped with Bacardi 151 Rum. The Back scratcher is made with Bacardi Superior Rum, Myers Original Dark Rum with passion fruit juice topped with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Both are some of my favorites. Now that you made it this far, there is one more bar to go to and in my opinion it is a MUST do. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Tiki Terrace. Trader Sam’s is located in a back hallway where there is a single door entrance- there may be a line for the Grotto but it’s worth the wait. Once inside, you will be immersed in an interactive Tiki Bar experience like none other. The Grotto is a sight to see with theming and lighting throughout with special effects that occur every time someone orders a signature drink, two of these include The Nautilus

Lapu Lapu at Tambu Lounge

and the Polynesian Pearl. The Tiki Terrace, which is located outside of the Grotto, features views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and has its own water wall by the seating areas. Here you can order The Spikey Pineapple which is a twist on the Disney favorite Dole Whip, this is a must try. After you’ve enjoyed your drinks, pat yourselves on the back because you have officially completed the Self Guided Monorail Bar Crawl!  To reward yourself, if you have timed it right, walk your way out to the Polynesian beach, find a lounge chair and end your night with a bang! The Magic Kingdom Fireworks can be viewed nightly and the soundtrack is pumped in as well.

At each of these resort destinations sample some of the amazing food selections offered at each location! Each bar offers a variety of amazing appetizers, entrees and dessert selections to compliment your drinks. You can do the monorail bar crawl in any order that you want to, and have any drink that you desire, this is just how I did it and what I drank at each location. The beauty of this adventure is that each resort is connected by the monorail so you don’t have to worry about driving from place to place. Hopefully this has helped you discover some of the extra magic that Walt Disney World has to offer. So the next time anyone tells you Disney is just for kids, try and help them understand there is so much more to offer at this magical world.