Travelers heading to Disney to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will need to be aware of the updated costume policy for the Disneyland Resort.

The influx of Star Wars fans has resulted in a heavy dose of cosplayers entering the park, but there are limitations on what guests are permitted to wear inside the facility, including no full costumes for visitors 14 years of age or older.

Star Wars fans of all ages will be permitted to dress in outfits inspired by the movie franchise, but there are rules, including piecing together traditional clothing items to pay tribute to characters and wearing outfits inspired by the villagers of Batuu.

As for what is not permitted, all robes, military-style attire, masks, face paint, elaborate headwear, blasters, body armor, helmets and kneepads have been banned by Disney, even if the items are Star Wars-themed.

For visitors at Disneyland, external communications director Kevin Rafferty Jr. revealed that “some of the items sold in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge cannot be worn inside the land.” Guests need to be aware of the dress code in order to enjoy the experience fully.


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