We just returned from one of our FAVORITE All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico- The Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya. We traveled with 5 kids; ranging in age from 2-8, plus grandparents. This resort offered family friendly activities for all ages!

Find out why we think this is an absolutely fabulous resort for a great family vacation and all the reasons we love the Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort! 


  1. The pool is amazing!!

Between the water slide, the fountain features, sun decks and alcoves – the Float pool has a spot for everyone in your family.

The Children’s pool and splash park was also a lot of fun for our wild crew! 



We think that it’s pretty unique and awesome that even those of us with transparent family members (like my husband *cough*) can enjoy a full day outdoors without the dreaded, vacation ruining sunburn. We really liked the sun sails over the alcove pools we mentioned above. Plus, there is plenty of shade offered around the pool with umbrellas and tiki style covers.

3. The Food.

Just to reiterate – ALL the food is included. You see two things on the menu that sound good- order both! Hard Rock, Riviera Maya is home to specialty restaurants, Frida (traditional Mexican fare), Zen (hibachi style and Japanese fare), Ipanema (classic steakhouse) and the Market (varying menu and historic buffet). You can also find light fare all day at Pizzetto and the Sun Bar. You can also find adults only dining at the Heaven side of the resort.

If you have ever had to prepare a meal for 1 kid; you know the struggle is real. 5 varying palates, plus a vegetarian and a diabetic – the food was consistently excellent and the staff was eager to make sure everyone left with a full tummy….(with a tiny spot left for some ice cream)…

4. About that ice cream…The Cafetto offers gourmet coffees and delicious treats all day long! It was definitely a frequent stop for our crew! They loved stopping in for an ice cream or piece of cake a few times a day. (It’s vacation!)

5. The drinks! All Inclusive means ALL included- the food and the drinks!

Hard Rock Riviera Maya has the best Margaritas in Mexico!

6. Rockaway Bay, Waterpark

When you’re ready for a change of scenery from the beach and pool, this was another great spot for kids to burn off vacation energy! We really liked visiting here in that crazy time between lunch and dinner.

7. Woodward.

For those who have athletic children – Woodward is the absolute perfect place for them! World class instructors help your children learn or improve extreme sporting skills from skating, biking and gymnastics. There is a fee to use the facility, but, minimal. 

8. The Beach!

The family beach is divided into 2 sections; Maracas Beach (a cove), and the Hacienda Beach. We love this beach because the seawall not only protects your children (and your beverage of choice) from waves – it also keeps the Sargasso Sea Grass from piling up along that soft white sand! While the beach isn’t huge, we found it to be the perfect size for the children to explore. They all really enjoyed snorkeling and observing a variety of sea life.

9. The live entertainment!

The Hard Rock name is synonymous with great entertainment!

Nightly events, poolside concerts and soloists in dining locations immersed us in the rocker lifestyle!


10. Cool props everywhere!

We loved seeing all of the costumes, instruments and artifacts from our favorite entertainers!

The hospitality at this resort is incredible. We absolutely love the family-friendly vibe at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. It’s cozy and welcoming. Children are free to be children without judgement.

We can’t wait to visit again!

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