Baby Boomers at Disney World…

Baby Boomers at Disney World…

Baby Booming at Disney!!!

For those of us who were around to enjoy Disney when we were given little paper tickets for rides in categorizes of “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” going back to Disney may be better than it was the first time!

This time around, we don’t care if a child who is with us eats 2 ice cream bars, or eats nothing but corn muffins at the buffet (that just cost us $30 for his meal). This time we might have just a little more time to enjoy our surroundings without the constraints of school, work and all the craziness that raising a family entails. Having more time lets you savor the moments. Screaming is still allowed and encouraged on “Big Thunder Mountain. Laughing at Big Al in “Country Bear Jamboree” is still as much fun as it was when you were sitting next to your 5-year-old in the ‘80’s. Everything is still the same, but still a little different.

Here are some tips to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons:

1- Staying Hydrated is rule number 1 and the most important rule to a Disney Vacation. Take the time to have a drink and people watch. You can get a free cup of filtered Ice water at any quick service location. (Ask for 2) and carry a refillable water bottle. Overexerting yourself and going to the ER on your vacation is never fun – if you are hot or tired…(or both), stop rest and hydrate. (Add in a side of dole whip topped pineapple upside down cake for good measure). BTW, always carry your Insurance card in case it is ever needed and make sure you have someone to call in an emergency.

2- I’ll admit it. I take Blood Pressure medicine. If you forget to bring yours, all is not lost. Contact the front desk. They can give you the names of local pharmacies that can help you get a few days worth so that you aren’t’ going to miss your dose. There are pharmacies that will even deliver to the parks or your resort. Also, if you have medication that needs to be refrigerated there are refrigerators in every single Disney World resort room, and cooler bags are permitted into the parks.

3-If you are traveling with multiple generations, you my not want to ride it’s a small world 4-times in one day with some of your travel companions. You can manage fastpasses to make the whole crowd happy, and have a few set aside for more adult adventures.

4-If you are on a special diet – Disney is the place to be! Disney Culinary staff is very sensitive to the dietary needs of their guests. Most table service locations can accommodate your dietary needs with a variety of options. If you need special accommodation at quick service locations, your Castle Vacations agent can help you find locations with the most variety to fit your diet. You can also bring your own food into the parks in a soft sided cooler.

5-If you get a blister walking (and that’s easy to do) there are first aid stations in each park. This spot is also the place to head to if you feel “light” headed or overheated. They are fully staffed by medical professionals that can evaluate you or help you rehydrate if you have overexerted yourself.

6- If you need a room with handicapped accommodations, please tell your travel agent. They can arrange for you to have a room that will make you as comfortable as possible.

7-Read the precautions on the rides. Disney posts them to assure that everyone is safe and has a great time. If you don’t think a ride is for you, DON’T RIDE IT!!!

8- If you are driving and use a handicapped designation at home, bring proof so that you can park in the handicapped areas of the parking lot.

9-Disney and outside companies rent ECVs as well as wheelchairs. If you use an assistive device at home, you will probably need it on your vacation. I can arrange for you to have a rental waiting for you if you don’t want to bring yours from home. Most Disney transportation has the capability to let you board in, or with a wheelchair or ECV. Most queues will allow you to wait while using your ECV and transferring to the ride. If you struggle to transfer, some rides can accommodate your ECV as well.

10- Fast passes are your best friend. No one wants to stand for an hour or more in the sun waiting on a ride. We can arrange for you to have your day scheduled so that you see and do what you want.

11-Don’t be a hero! If you need a hotel break, take one. No one will think less of you if you
decide to go hop in the pool or read a book. Believe it or not, you are on vacation!!!

To plan a magical getaway for a Mature couple, adult girls trip or a multi-generational family adventure (put it on grandma’s visa!) Contact Marilyn Jollon at Castle Vacations by Marilyn, or join our Adults only group- Baby Boomers do Disney.. .

From the Castle Kitchen: Kids in the Kitchen: Hidden Mickey Pizza

From the Castle Kitchen: Kids in the Kitchen: Hidden Mickey Pizza

Welcome to behind the Castle wall! After a long day of planning magical Disney vacations – I enjoy reconnecting with my family and creating semi-nutritious, quick and easy meals. We often modify this classic with homemade sauce or cauliflower crust (for the diabetic of the house – but, when he’s not home, we loosen up and enjoy carbs!)  😉

We went the super quick route with ready made pizza dough and sauce.


From the grocery store, you will need:

  1. Refrigerated pizza dough
  2. Prepared pizza sauce
  3. Shredded mozzarella
  4. Pepperoni (regular and mini sized)
  5. Black olives
  6. Assorted Veggies (green peppers and cherry tomatoes are our favorites… and also were eaten prior to photo)…. **Don’t leave your ingredients unattended with children on school break because they eat everything in sight…

Shape dough  into a large pie and “personal” pizza ears with individual toppings. (We used our much loved pizza stone- but, a well oiled baking pan will  work well too!) Arrange “Hidden Mickey’s” of pepperoni, peppers, olives (and tomatoes if your souse chef doesn’t eat them all before you have the chance to apply them or even photo them in this case).

Bake pizza according to package directions and enjoy!  (If you plan to Facebook and wait for your pizza to cook… set a timer to avoid the extra crispy texture…whoops!- still good!!)

If you make a “Hidden Mickey Pizza” with your family- let us see the pics!! Share or tag us on our Instagram and Facebook!


We made Mickey Shaped Pretzels with the leftover dough!  Check back next week on how we did it. (Also, super easy and quick and fun for little chefs)!